BEATRIZ RINCÓN, Isopods of the genus Astacilla (Valvifera, Arcturidae) from the LIFE+INDEMARES project off Alborán Island (S Spain), with description of a rare species A. carlosoteroi (Reboreda, Wägele & Garmendia, 1994), Mediterranean Marine Science, 0,

Three species of the isopod genus Astacilla were collected off Alborán Island (SW Mediterranean Sea) within the LIFE+INDEMARES project. Twelve specimens of Astacilla carlosteroi (Reboreda, Wägele & Garmendia, 1994) were found; this species is only known for a single incomplete female from Galicia (NW Spain,  Atlantic). Males, reported for the first time, are described, as well as morphological details for two additional species, A. dilatata (G.O. Sars, 1883) and A. mediterranea Koehler, 1911.

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