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Users of/visitors [1] to this ePublishing website [2] are kindly requested to read carefully and accept the terms and conditions of use as set out by the NATIONAL DOCUMENTATION CENTRE / NATIONAL HELLENIC RESEARCH FOUNDATION (henceforth EKT). In the event of any disagreement with those terms and conditions, they are requested not to proceed. As use of the site indicates acceptance and compliance with the terms and conditions, EKT reserves the right to amend the terms whenever it deems it necessary without prior notice.

Publishing/posting illegal, pornographic, racist, offensive and libelous content is strictly prohibited. Any publication/post/content can be corrected or deleted from the e-publishing website without prior notice.

Under no circumstances does EKT accept responsibility for Content data, including and without limitation, errors and omissions, or for damage or loss of any kind which may result from use of Content data which appears, is sent electronically or transmitted by any other means via e-publishing. Furthermore, EKT accepts no responsibility for any threatening, defamatory, obscene, offensive or illegal Content or behaviour of any other party, or the violation of third party rights, including copyright.

EKT reserves the right to disclose Content data and user data when it deems it necessary, particularly (i) to comply with current legislation and legal procedure, (ii) to apply the terms, or (iii) to protect the rights, the property and/or the safety of the user/visitor or the public.

This is a professional website hosting information content, therefore EKT expects users/visitors to behave accordingly. In the event of joint participation via internet, those to whom EKT has entrusted co-ordination will use their best judgement to determine the intention and goodwill of those posting on this website or using its services.

In the event that users/visitors believe published content may waive legal rights, is unethical or dangerous, they should immediately contact the site operators at epublishing@ekt.gr.



Users of/visitors to the website e-publishing understand and accept that the full content of the website is provided ‘as is’ and that EKT disclaims any responsibility regarding limited duration, deletion, poor performance or the inability to store electronically any user data and/or any pages/services provided/accessible via e-publishing.

Users/visitors are responsible for access to e-publishing services and this access may require the payment of fees to third parties (eg internet service providers, charges for internet time). Users/visitors are solely liable for payment of these fees. In addition, they are solely responsible for their personal equipment having the necessary technological means to enable access to the services of the e-publishing website.

EKT may change the format and/or content and/or services of the website at any time they deem it necessary and without prior notice other than an announcement on the website five days before implementation of the change along with the date of that change. Users/visitors will be deemed to have accepted such changes if they use the website and its content. EKT may restrict the availability of the website temporarily or permanently (to carry out support or maintenance work, update content etc) and does not guarantee that the website will be available for use at any particular time. 

A. User obligations

It is mutually understood and accepted that, although the e-publishing website provides its users/visitors with the necessary technological infrastructure and means to post/publish content, information, data, texts, graphics, photographs, videos,  images, music archives and messages whether publicly posted or privately transferred, the natural or legal person for that material remains exclusively responsible for it. This means that the user/visitor is solely responsible for all and any content posted, published, sent, transferred or otherwise made available on the e-publishing website. Due to the volume of content, it is not possible for EKT to check what is posted on the website, thus it cannot guarantee its accuracy, integrity, legality, or quality. Under no circumstances can EKT be held responsible for any content error or omission or for any damage or loss of content posted, published, sent, transferred or otherwise made available on the e-publishing website during its use.

User/visitors agree not to make use of the e-publishing website service to:

1. Post, publish, transfer or use other methods to install content which is illegal, harmful, threatening, offensive, damaging, defamatory, obscene, violent, racist or otherwise objectionable, violation of personal integrity and data protection laws, any intellectual property rights of any entity, natural or legal person and any form of unwanted content as well as content containing viruses or any other electronic code, file or program designed to incorporate, destroy or restrict the operation of any software or computer or telecommunication equipment.

2. Harm minors in any way.

3. Impersonate any natural or legal person or misrepresent the identity of the user/visitor or make misleading representation regarding the relationship and/or collaboration between the user/visitor and other natural or legal person.

4. Counterfeit or otherwise alter identification of the user in order to mislead as to the origin of the content transmitted via this e-publishing website.

5. Post, publish, send, transfer or use other methods to install content from a person not entitled to dispose of the specific content by law or fiduciary relationship.

6. Interfere with the services or disrupt the service, servers or networks linked to the e-publishing website, violate conditions, procedures and regulations of this network’s use.

7. Violate, with or without intention, any local, national, European, international law and/or any regulation which is legally binding and concerns and/or covers any of the e-publishing website services.

8. Harass in any manner privacy and the individual and social rights of other users (such as collecting and/or storing the personal data of other users).

The user of/visitor to the e-publishing website understands and accepts that EKT does not prescreen content, but EKT and its partners reserve the right (but not the obligation) to deny posting/publishing or moving or deleting any content available via this e-publishing website. In addition, EKT and its partners reserve the right to delete, without warning, any content violating these terms of use.

Users of /visitors to the e-publishing website are prohibited from framing this website, or mirroring without prior written permission from EKT/NHRF.  Links to but not replication of content on this website is allowed provided there is no creation of a frame or any other bordered environment around the content and provided that any such linking does not imply any endorsement of any product or services and provided further that the website linking to this website does not contain any violation of intellectual property right, including without limitation, copyright, trademark, design right or patent, infringing or distasteful or offensive material. EKT reserves the right to require the removal of any link to this website. 

B.Third-party content / Advertising

Certain parts of this website may contain third-party content/advertising. EKT is not responsible for the content of any advertising material or any errors or inaccuracies in any advertising or sponsorship since this is the responsibility of the advertiser. EKT is not responsible for any communication between the user/visitor and third-party services advertising on the e-publishing website nor for any commercial transaction that may arise from the relationship between them.

Without the prior consent of EKT, it is prohibited:

1. To post content from entities which are not EKT partners, via infrastructure available to EKT at a partner institution.

2. To post content of a non-affiliated entity by an EKT partner institution.

3. To promote activities of non-affiliated entities via infrastructure available to EKT at a partner institution.


C. Damage compensation

Users of/visitors to the e-publishing website understand and accept sole liability for compensating EKT and its partners for any legal dispute which may arise between themselves and third parties as a result of content which they make available for posting, publishing, or other transference through the e-publishing website services.

D. Duration

Users of/visitors to the e-publishing website understand and accept that EKT reserves the right to terminate access and use of its services and/or terminate the availability of its content to users/visitors who are believed to have violated the letter and spirit of these terms of use as well as the services themselves.

E. Copyright and Intellectual Property rights-Trademarks

Apart from specified exceptions (copyrights of third parties and affiliates), and/or intellectual property with Creative Commons licenses, all content found on the e-publishing website including video, images, graphics, photographs, plans, texts, services and generally all the website’s files are intellectual property, trademarks, configurations, and logos for EKT services and are protected under the relevant provisions of Greek law, European law and international conventions and treaties. EKT has copyright, whether primary or secondary, following the granting of concession rights by creators allowing the use of their work as part of this website contents.  

None of the aforementioned content -other than specified exceptions-may be wholly or partially sold, copied, altered, reproduced, republished or uploaded, transmitted or distributed in any way. Products or services listed in the pages of this website and bearing the trademark of their respective organisations, companies, partner institutions, consortiums or publications, are the intellectual property of those entities, who, thus bear the relevant responsibility for any content. Users/visitors understand and accept that they do not have the right to reproduce, copy, sell, resell, and/or commercially exploit in any way all or part of the content hosted on the e-publishing website.

It is permitted to use the content of the e-publishing website only for educational, scientific and/or research purposes on condition that there is no direct or indirect financial gain, and sources are always cited. For other uses, permission should be obtained from EKT and/or the author.

F. Limitation of Liability

Given the nature and the volume of the internet, under all conditions, including cases of negligence, EKT is not liable for any form of damage suffered by the user of/visitor to the pages, services, options and content of the website which is made of their own volition. Content of the website is provided for use ‘as is’ without any guarantee expressed or implied in any way. In compliance with the law, EKT disclaims all expressed or implied warranties, including but not limited to these, entailing marketability and appropriateness for a specific purpose.

EKT does not guarantee that the pages, services, options and content will be provided uninterrupted, without any kind of error and that defects will be corrected. In addition, EKT does not guarantee that the same or any other related site or servers via which they are made available to users, do not contain viruses or other harmful components. EKT does not guarantee under any circumstances the correctness, integrity or the availability of the content, pages, services, options or results. The cost of any corrections or services  shall be undertaken by the user/visitor and are not the responsibility of EKT.

EKT makes every possible effort for the good operation of its network, though it does not guarantee that the operation of this website or servers will be unimpeded or foolproof, or free of viruses and other similar elements. EKT takes security measures in order to avert loss, misuse or modification of users’ personal data which is under its control. Nevertheless, since no security system, transmission or data migration system through the internet can provide 100% security, and despite the fact that EKT makes every possible effort to protect the personal data of users of/visitors to this website, EKT does not guarantee the security of its servers or the means through which data are transferred from the data subject’s computer to EKT or any third party via interconnection with the e-publishing website. 

G. Information / Content Disclaimers 

The content and information on the e-publishing website is provided not only for users of/visitors to this site but also internet users in general and is not intended in any instance to be authoritative information and/or advice, nor conceal in any way encouragement or discouragement for performing action. EKT undertakes the collection, processing and dissemination of the website content, under no circumstances guaranteeing the integrity, completeness, adequacy and general fitness and the absence of any errors, particularly due to its large volume, as well as participation of third parties (natural or legal person) in its primary production and collection. Thus, users of/visitors to the website, use its services on their own initiative, undertaking the responsibility to cross-check the information provided.

H. Links to other sites

EKT does not check the availability, content, protection of personal data, quality and completeness of other websites and pages referred to by other pages, hyperlinks or advertising banners. EKT should in no way be deemed to endorse or accept content or services of websites and pages which are referred to e-publishing or are linked with them in any other way.

I.Data Collection and Use

EKT collects personal data with the express consent of the user/visitor: a) when the user/visitor registers for EKT’s e-publishing services and infrastructure b) when using e-publishing products and/or services and c) when visiting EKT’s e-publishing pages.

J. Correction and/or deletion of personal data

EKT gives users of/visitors to e-publishing the right to delete their personal data, correct and/or update personal data and/or inactivate their subscription at any time by visiting the relevant e-publishing service.

JA. Channelling and disclosure of personal data

EKT undertakes not to sell, rent or in any way publish and/or disclose the personal data of users of/visitors to e-publishing to any third party. EKT can only channel the personal data of users/visitors to a third natural and/or legal person if:

 -It has the express consent of the user/visitor to do so.

-The channelling of personal data to natural and/or legal persons who collaborate with EKT is necessary for the implementation of the users’ wishes, the smooth operation of services and processing work on content hosting infrastructure.

-Compliance with the relevant provisions of the law and the competent authorities.

JB. Applicable law and other terms

The above terms and conditions for the use of e-publishing and any amendment to them are governed by and construed in accordance with Greek law, European Union law and relevant international treaties. Any of these terms which are against the law will cease to have effect and be removed without, in any way, affecting the validity of the terms of use. The present terms constitute a complete and binding agreement for users of/visitors to the pages of the e-publishing services. No modification of the terms in effect will be taken under consideration if it has not already been incorporated into these terms of use.

The handling and protection of the personal data of users of/visitors to e-publishing services are subject to the terms of this section as well as related provisions of the Greek law (N.2472/1997 for the protection of people and protection of personal data as applicable). These terms take into account the rapid development of technology, especially the internet, as well as the existing-if not fully developed-legal regulations on these issues. Any potential changes will be subject to this section. EKT reserves the rights to change the personal data protection terms after informing the user/visitor and within the existing or the potential legal framework. If any user/visitor does disputes the personal data protection terms provided herein, they are kindly requested not to use the e-publishing services.

Given the nature and the volume of the internet, in all circumstances, including instances of negligence, EKT is not liable for any form of damage suffered by the user of/visitor to e-publishing pages, services, options and content, which they use of their own volition and with full knowledge of the terms.

JC. Special Directives

Registration: EKT requires users/visitors subscribing for services offered via this website, to: a) complete the relevant registration forms for access to services truthfully, accurately, precisely and in full detail; b) Regularly update their details so that they remain truthful, accurate, precise and full.

On submission of data to EKT users/visitors: a) agree to grant EKT all necessary intellectual property rights to use given information on this website and for the purposes of EKT; b) guarantee that any such use by EKT will not infringe the intellectual property rights of any third party.

EKT has the right to transfer, without the prior notification of users of/visitors to this site, collected information to third parties, within the context and needs of strategic alliances  with them or in case of a transfer of the legal entity itself or its associates or its subsidiaries, in case of a merge or integration comprising EKT or its associates or its subsidiary legal entities or in case of a transfer or sale of a part of its capital or its business sectors or its associates or its subsidiary legal entities. Unless is otherwise stated hereto, the terms of use and the clauses of personal data policy of EKT‘s present website are effective immediately in their totality, and without any expressed or inferred restraint, depreciation, opposition and negation.

JD. Force majeure

EKT is not liable for violation of these terms due to force majeure, as well as any delays arising from circumstances out of its control, such as extreme weather conditions, earthquakes, floods, fire, emergencies, disasters, strikes both within and without the Greek State, war, terrorism, mechanical failure and generally any circumstance which prevents the proper functioning of the website. EKT will take the appropriate steps to meet its obligations within a reasonable time. 


[1] Expected users of/visitors to website include:

Administrators and editors of electronic publications: They have the right to post content on publishing pages where they are registered with their specific roles, have access to user data and have permission to write/modify user data on these sites.

          Authors: They submit content for publication

Peer reviewers: They review the submitted work of content authors.

Readers: They have access to read and/or download published content.

 [2] The following infrastructure/separate websites are available as part of the e-publishing service:





and those that might arise in the future expansion/development of the service.


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