Peter Mackridge, Unpublished Pontic stories: Collected by R.W.Dawkins, Δελτίο Κέντρου Μικρασιατικών Σπουδών, 8|1990, 107-122

A boy was going to get married. His mother went to the prospective bride’s parents withanother woman and the woman’s son. The woman instructed her son to say twice asmuch as whatever she said. The woman began singing the praises of the prospectivebridegroom, saying, «This woman’s boy’s got land worth £200.» «No,» said her son,«£400.» «He’s got a hundred head of sheep.» «No,» said her son, «two hundred.» Thenthe woman said, «He’s got one defect: he squints in one eye.» «No,» said the son, «botheyes.» Whereupon the father of the prospective bride sent them packing.

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