K. Laskaridis, The "Petra Thymianon" from Chios; Its various types and the correlation of their characteristics with potential applications, Δελτίο της Ελληνικής Γεωλογικής Εταιρείας, 46|2012, 95-107

Quarrying activity concerning “Pétra Thymianón” (= Thymianá Stone) is located in the homonymous region of Chios Island. This structural stone is experientially classified into four commercial types, bearing the quarrymen jargon names: “Hemískliri” (= Medium Hard), “Triandafylli” (= Rose Pink), “Malaki” (= Soft), “Melidjani” (= Purple). All those types consist mainly of carbonates. In a lesser extent, quartz, leaf-shaped minerals, and iron oxides – hydroxides occur. Geologically, Thymianá Stone is characterized as “Carbonaceous - Ferruginous Pelite”. It is a sedimentary thin-bedded rock with alternating layers of calcareous pelite and ultra fine-grained sandstone. Very low grade metamorphism is also present. The quarry production consists of blocks, being cut to slabs for paving and flooring and to shaped stone units for masonry. In this study, the physical mechanical properties of the various Thymianá Stone types have been determined according to the relevant EN Standards. Furthermore, the physical meaning of the quarrymen jargon has been established in connection with the stone types’ quality characteristics and potential applications.

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