Em. Apostolidis, ΕNGINEERING GEOLOGICAL MAPPING IN THE URBAN AND SUBURBAN REGION OF NAFPLION CITY (ARGOLIS, GREECE), Δελτίο της Ελληνικής Γεωλογικής Εταιρείας, 43|2010, 1418-1427

In our days the strategy of an integrated planning approach in dealing with urban development matters, is a reality and engineering geology plays a primary role. In the present study an approach of the engineering geological conditions of Nafplion city and the wider area are given. In the region of interest, four (4) sampling boreholes were drilled by IGME, up to the depth of 40m. During the boring procedure in situ SPT and permeability tests were carried out, as well as the lithology of obtained material has been described. Samples, undisturbed and disturbed, have also collected for further laboratory tests. After the completion of each borehole, piezometric tubes were installed, for the monitoring of the underground water table. Laboratory tests for the determination of physical and mechanical characteristics of all drilled formations were executed. The geotechnical distinction and unification of the geological forma tions was made on a 1:5,000 topographical map, in accordance with the up to date in ternational practice. The engineering geological map in the urban and suburban region of Nafplion city is presented and the geotechnical characteristics of the formations struc turing the area are evaluated. The combination of the results of the drilling programme as well as on the engineering geological approach and the geological structure of the studied area, resulted the compilation of the engineering geological map (scale 1:5,000) of Nafplion city wide area, where 18 engineering geological types are distinguished. The boreholes data of other public bodies have been also taken into account for this compilation. As the task of this project was the contribution to the urban development of Nafplion city, this engineering geological map will be a useful tool for engineers, planners, civil authorities, etc.

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