M.G. DODOU, Development of a two-layer mathematical model for the study of hydrodynamic circulation in the sea. Application to the Thermaikos gulf, Mediterranean Marine Science, 3|2002, 5-26

A two-layer hydrodynamic model for stratified flows has been developed and applied to the study of the sea water circulation in the Thermaikos Gulf (North Aegean Sea in the east Mediterranean Sea). The model was based on the finite differences method. The wind and Coriolis forces applied to a stratified basin (with initial density differences ΆΪ/Ϊ = 5ς) constituted the basic factors for the study of the circulation in the gulf, corresponding to the stratification conditions. The findings of the model, concerning the basic pattern of circulation in the gulf, were in accordance with in situ data collected in previous studies of the area. Furthermore, the application of the model allowed for the tracking and recognition of the regions of upwelling in the gulf, which were related to the prevailing wind conditions. For the integration of the research, the study was complemented with runs of a two dimensional – depth averaged- model which corresponded to nonstratified conditions. Comparisons and evaluation of the results of the simulations close the study.

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