Marianna D. Christopoulos, Nineteenth-century America through the Eyes of John Gennadius, The Historical Review/La Revue Historique, 12|2015, 199-214

The aim of this article is to unfold and analyze the view of America held byJohn Gennadius [Ioannis Gennadios], one of the most important diplomats of nineteenthcenturyGreece. Having spent most of his life in England as a member of the Greek legation,which he served for more than 20 years, Gennadius was influenced by the ongoing Britishdiscussion of the “American miracle”. His perception was, however, fostered during twovisits to America, a professional one (1888) and a private one (1893-1894). He was involvedin American political life as the official negotiator of the Greek government, but alsoenjoyed the culture, witnessed the wealth and the galloping development and made manyacquaintances. All of this made an impression on him. He commented on the importanceof British influence on American civilization, acknowledged the material and intellectualprogress of its people and foresaw the potential of its thriving economy in world politics.

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