Fauna Graeciae: An updated checklist of the fishes in the hellenic seas


2014 | 338 pages




The present checklist of Hellenic marine fishes includes 510 species (441 Osteichthyes, 68 Chodrichthyes and 1 Agnatha), belonging to 319 genera (278 Osteichthyes, 40 Chodrichthyes, 1 Agnatha) and 142 families (117 Osteichthyes, 24 Chodrichthyes, 1 Agnatha). The previous, 1988 edition, reported 447 marine fishes, representing 129 families, including both species in doubt and those occasionally recorded. This edition, for the first time, includes an analysis of the distribution of eggs and larvae of various fish species in the Hellenic Seas, based on the results of the ichthyoplankton research that started in Greece after 1990.

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