Paul Stephenson, E. A. Freeman (1823-1892), a Neglected Commentator on Byzantium and Modern Greece, The Historical Review/La Revue Historique, 4|2007, 119-156

E. A. Freeman, principally known as an historian of medieval Europe, is a neglected pioneer of Byzantine history. He was among the leading British commentators on the "Eastern Question". His friendship with George Finlay, reflected in letters preserved at the British School at Athens, informed his analysis of Greece and South-East Europe. He travelled and lectured widely throughout his life, publishing prolifically and repetitiously. However, he never published an overview of Greek history, leaving unfinished manuscripts. His writings demonstrate his commitment to "universal history" and to contemporary racial theories. He considered the Greeks to be a superseded strain of the Aryan race, whose potency had been bequeathed to the Teutons, and more particularly to the English.

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