State of Hellenic Fisheries


2007 | 467 pages




Μarine capture fisheries are of vital importance to the economic development of Hellas since it contributes to the maintenance of the social and economic coherence of the coastal and insular areas offering security of labour to a large number of persons particularly in remote islands, and it provides animal proteins of high biological value through the sustainable exploitation of the resources.The present textbook aims to familiarize the reader with the organization and problems of the Hellenic fisheries. In fact, although there is a sizeable amount of information and references on various scientific and technical issues, these were scattered and fragmented, while this textbook constitutes a consolidated work including all different aspects, and hence it is trusted to become a useful tool for every scientist and administrator in marine fisheries. The different chapters offer valuable information derived either from the literature or the results of research and development projects conducted by scientists in Hellenic waters and therefore, a good part of the information included herein originates from sources that are not readily available to an ordinary reader. In a number of papers included in this textbook, date analysis and geographical presentations was made using the application and the models developed in the frame of the research project “Development of an Intergrated Management System” to support the sustainability of

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