Constructing gendered identities: the rhetorics of gender in the NGO’s volunteers’ talk about sex trafficking


2015 | 299 pages


978-960-93-7498-9 (pdf)


This study examines the construction of gendered identities in Greek NGO volunteers’ discourse about sex trafficking, from the perspective of critical discursive social psychology and recent feminist post-structuralist theory. More specifically, the key analytical tools of the study’s methodology are the concepts of interpretative repertoires and ideological dilemmas (Potter and Wetherell, 1987, Wetherell, 1998, Billig, Condor, Edwards, Gene, Middleton, and Radley, 1988). The analysis highlights the link between the social construction of gender and sex trafficking. Gender is an object of negotiation in the volunteers’ discourse on sex trafficking and is related to specific ideological positions and dilemmas that emerge from the analysis. The study consists of 32 semi structured interviews with volunteers working for NGOs in Greece. The NGOs were classified in four categories according to their profile. Those categories are:

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