The inhabitants of Athens, 1900-1960. Demography


2016 | 254 pages






This book is a study on the composition, demographic behaviour, and socio-professional structure of the population of Athens during the period 1900–1960. It is a work of primary research and aims to serve as a foundation for further research. It employs an analytical and methodical approach to address shortcomings in the historiography of Greek urban populations. To this end, it utilises the marriage records of the Municipality of Athens for the period 1910–1960, making this the first time that they become the subject of historical study. This study also draws on published sources, particularly the results of censuses in the period 1907–1961, and natural movement of population during the period 1921–1960, as well as N. Igglesis’ Guide to Greece, especially the volumes for 1910 and 1921. The study comprises three distinct chapters. Chapter One deals with the integration of the population of the Municipality of Athens into the broader national framework and into the physical space of the city and its suburbs. During the period studied, the Municipality of Athens underwent significant changes: Its population grew 4.5 times, whilst its land area decreased as a result of dozens of secessions, during the 1920s and 1930s, of localities that broke off to form

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