Future History: How the twentieth century imagined an “other world”


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2017 | 217 pages




I was drawn to this study by questions that concern the future in history. What was the role that the “future” played in critical thought, fantasy and human historical experiences during the first half of the twentieth century? Can we reconstruct the history of the future in past tense? Can we use the methods of cultural history in order to trace the emergence of people’s ideas, images and emotions about the future in their intellectual and historical contexts? How did the “future” change in the past and how these transformations relate to overall social, political and cultural developments? And vice versa, what was the impact of the transformations of the “future” in historical becomings? The book traces the “future” in related literature and in diverse fields of cultural production and demonstrates on the one hand the intensification of engagements with the “future” in the work of intellectuals, cultural producers and scientists during the first half of the twentieth century and on the other the centrality of the notions of globality and cosmos in the formation of futurist imaginary during the same period.

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