Τα Κητώδη των Ελληνικών θαλασσών

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2003 | 162 pages




The oligotrophic eastern Mediterranean Sea has always been considered poor regarding its cetacean fauna. Until recently, very little was known concerning the cetaceans that inhabit its northeastern part, i.e. the Greek Seas: east Ionian, Aegean, north and south Cretan Seas. This work reveals that the Greek Seas present an unexpectedly high diversity in cetacean species and discusses preliminary information regarding their distribution and relative abundance. During the last ten years (1991-2001), data from dedicated surveys, strandings, opportunistic sightings, and published or unpublished photographic and video documents have been systematically gathered in a database. Sightings from an older published work regarding the cetaceans of the Aegean Sea, as well as all confirmed sightings and strandings that are found in the literature, have been also included in the database accounting for 618 sightings and 709 stranded cetaceans (in 668 stranding events). From 1991 to 2001, dedicated surveys up to three months long have been organized every year in the summer and autumn. Surveys covered the north and south Ionian Sea, the sea area off south-west Crete, the Corinthian Gulf and in a lesser degree the

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