Καθορισμός Προδιαγραφών Συστήματος Παρακολούθησης Αλιευτικών Αποθεμάτων


2002 | 46 pages




The first chapter describes the general principles that should characterize and describe a system for the monitoring of fisheries resources, the detailed directions for the collection of the suitable statistical information, the required samplings and reviews that should be organized on the basis of those principles, the problems of multispecies fishery - which are particularly complex in the Mediterranean, the rationale for selecting suitable sampling design, the major sources of sampling biases and how they could be possibly reduced and, finally, the implementation of geographic unit in fisheries management and the advantages of its use in the Mediterranean. The second chapter describes the existing fisheries statistics and databases in the country, such as the National Statistical Service of Greece, the Fishery Development Corporation, the Agricultural Bank of Greece, as well as other data sources coinciding mainly with the research institutes of the country and gathered in the recent years within the frame of various, mainly EU, research projects. The third chapter describes the routines of fisheries data collections that are applied in our country now days or will be applied in the future in accordance to the existing EU regulations (2847/93/12.10.93, 2846/98/17.12.98 and 1543/00/29.06.00).

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